axem 4.0 steel life
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axem 4.0

AXEM 4.0 Survival Tool

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The AXEM4.0 is not a simple multitool, but a survival machine that everyone should own. This survivor pocket tool is an essential product that neatly and discreetly fits in your wallet, pocket, backpack, glove compartment, or purse. It's an axe, saw, wrench, spear head, bottle opener, cutter, and other many functions. You'll be amazed that such a small product can do so much. The top side has a razor-edge blade that can be utilized as a knife to cut things like rope, kindling, meat. When attached to a pole or piece of wood and secured with string, ropes, or vines, it can function as a tomahawk. The blade can also be used as to scrape ice, carve wood, and skinning.