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Popcorn Bag

The modern shooter is expected to keep an enormous amount of equipment on his person and in his bag. To help keep that equipment organized and easy to find, we developed the Popcorn Bag.

The Popcorn Bag weighs nothing, packs down to nothing and keeps your important equipment easily accessible in modern, cavernous rucks. It squishes gear into an easy to pack shape, and a pull-loop on the of the bag makes it easy to fish out of a tightly packed bag.

Whether you’re segmenting your medical equipment based on injury, keeping your camping toiletries squared away or stashing some spare mags, the Popcorn Bag will keep you from pulling your hair out trying to find it all.

Made in the EU


Pull-loop making backpack extrication even easier

Available in easy-to-see colors or camouflage

Keeps gear flat when in use

Fits up to 200 rounds 223rem

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