Little Cuddle Bag


The Little Cuddle Bag is the new addition to the great line-up of support bags offered by Cole-TAC. Just like its big brother, the Little Cuddle Bag is filled with the lightest materials to make it easy and comfortable to carry with you to the range or to the match. With its multiple height options, the possibilities are endless. The removable strap can be used as a tether to attach the bag to your belt, rifle, or pack. You can also use the strap to go over your shoulder like a messenger bag, keeping the Little Cuddle Bag in position and ready for use.

The Little Cuddle Bag also offers the option of sewn in Backbone Bag System straps. To learn more about the system, click here (link). Select this option and the four straps that attach to the Backbone. The Little Cuddle Bag can still be used on its own when the Backbone straps are not needed.

Like all Cole-TAC products, the Little Cuddle Bag is constructed with 1000D Cordura nylon and uses the toughest hardware including a steel HK-type snap. This bag features our lifetime warranty and is made in the EU. Purchase your Little Cuddle Bag today because everybody loves a little cuddle.


Weight 300 g.

Prefilled with ultra light beads

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