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Cole-TAC, the High Temperature Python (HTP) Suppressor Cover.  This cover will not slip or shift around on your can.

The only suppressor cover that you can design. With our unique BOA straps, your cover will always stay in place while shooting. Don’t get burned again.

Weight: 153 g

see what your cover can look like

Ordering information:

Please be sure to give the suppressor brand, model, length, and diameter. Do not use the dimensions that are given on the suppressor’s website. We have found that these are not always accurate. We will make the cover slightly shorter than the actual length due to stretching. This will prevent the end of the cover from getting hit with the muzzle blast and fraying.

Dear customers,

We would like to remind you that while suppressor covers can be a useful addition to your firearm setup, they are not a miracle solution. It is important to note that suppressor covers are heat-resistant , but top layer will melt once heated up to 150- 200 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, please keep in mind that suppressor covers can perform differently on each rifle/suppressor setup. Factors such as caliber, barrel length, and rate of fire can all impact the effectiveness of the cover.

We want to ensure that our customers have a positive experience with our products, so we encourage you to do your research and understand the limitations and potential variances in performance when using a suppressor cover.


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