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Waxed Trap bag

When you need that steady shot, you need to reach for your Cole-TAC Trap Bag. We have heard from our customers and it is now available in waxed canvas. This versatile bag is the newest from Cole-TAC and can allow you to take that long shot when you need it. Whether you need to rest on a barricade or use it as a rear bag, it forms over the object to make a flat smooth surface. The Trap Bag gets its name from the trapezoid shape it has when laying flat on one side. The possibilities are endless as to how the Trap Bag can be used over different objects and surfaces. The best feature is how it is able to fold over objects and still provide a surface to balance your rifle. With a non-slip fabric top surface and wide Velcro strap, your rifle and bag will be secure.

Weight: 700g

Prefilled with Cole-TAC lite polymer

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